David Hedderman

'Draw', a graphic guide to life drawing by David Hedderman. (Ammonite press)

In 2016 I was asked my Ammonite Press Publishing house if I would be interested to write a book on Drawing in relation to Life drawing. It was something of a surprise and I felt I couldn't say no to an opportunity like this. I took on the commission in the summertime and I remember cycling around and around Templehof airport here in Berlin. Most of the ideas for the book came while cycling those runways. It was a memorable summer and a great exercise to reflect what I had learnt so far in drawing and putting it down into words.
The teachings in the book come from a more intuitive vein rather then an academic one. Using life drawing to structure and nourish your creative practise. Lots of images and inspirations.
If you wish to buy one direct from myself please write to post@davidhedderman.com to order. Cost is 15€ (excluding post)